September Club Trial Slinfold

Tim and I marked this trial out on the easy side although the ground was really dry this was in anticipation of the rain due on the day, this turned out to be a wise decision when the rain came the hard ground became like a skating rink hence the high scores.  Jack was the star of the day losing just 53 on the expert route.  Tim and Gerald had a close battle in the 0/40 route with Gerald coming out on top by 1 mark. Hannah Moore riding at one of our trials for the first time and was the only blue route rider finished on 85 marks, Russell on the red route was also the only finisher on this route with a loss of 38.

I am going in to hospital on the 4th October for a knee replacement and will be out of action for quite some time, Tim will need some help with marking out so if anyone can help please contact Tim.


Expert     0/40  
Jack Taylor 53   Gerald Budgen 67
Mark Budgen 86   Tim Paddock 68
Inter Blue     Red Clubman  
Hannah Moore 85   Russell Benton 38